Sales & Quoting

AltiSuite has multiple entry points for creating quotes and sales orders based on role and product type.

Sales Order Entry

Your sales team can easily retrieve product information on the fly as they are building quotes and sales orders. With AltiSuite's product selector, they can search and browse products, see what is in stock and available, and get detailed attributes about each product. 

Online Shopping Cart

As part of the B2C ecommerce system, customers can build shopping carts and submit them as a request for quote or place them as an order. Returning registered customers can do single click reordering, or build orders from their previously purchased products. 

B2B and B2C Returning customers

Customers can order multiple ways including the use of a quick order pad where they can enter the SKU and Quantity, reorder previously placed orders, order from history (buy it again), and single scan reordering using QR codes.  

Order API

For B2B customers who need to use their own software for creating PO's into your system, AltiSuite supports EDI, JSON, XML, cXML, and OCI.