Inventory and Purchasing

Maintain optimal stock and automate replenishment. Know what you have available and need in real time.

Take out the guess work with Automated Learning

By default, AltiSuite utilizes the industry standard "Reorder Point" formula and automatically sets it's value in real-time. This automation allows you to maintain optimal inventory levels at all times, since it is constantly learning your supply and demand. AltiSuite can utilize other methodologies such as "MIn/Max" at the  product level if there are products you want to have more direct control over. If you have other formulas you would like to use to set your trigger level and quantity to order, AltiSuite's unique architecture allows for custom formulas for stock replenishment.  

Save time with Automated Purchasing

Whenever your reorder point is hit for a given product, a purchase order is automatically created with your reorder quantity and saved as a draft for further editing or approval. If you already have a draft PO for the same vendor, your products are simply added to the daft PO until you send it to the vendor