Ecommerce | Mar 27, 2018

AltiSuite + Amazon: Empower Your Selling

The sales landscape our children will experience is shaping up to be vastly different than the landscape our generation grew up in, due to one word: E-commerce. 

In the past, if you had an item you wanted to sell you bought a brick and mortar business, developed relationships with suppliers and advertised via local publications or, if you could meet the demand, you sent out catalogs. 

Then, in the late 90’s, something crazy happened. A guy started selling books through his website. 

No longer did you need to get in your car, drive through traffic to the local bookstore and peruse aisle upon aisle of books to find the right one, only to wait in line to check out, drive back home and start enjoying it. 

Now you could go online in the comfort of your own home, search for the exact type of book you wanted and have it shipped right to your front door—often for a cheaper price than the bookstore.

My grandmother was one of the early adopters back then. I remember her buying me a book for my birthday. It hadn’t arrived by the holiday and instead of receiving the book as my gift, I received a printed order confirmation. 

I recall thinking how weird it was at the time that Grandma, of all people, had purchased something physical from the “web”. Specifically, though, I remember the disappointing experience of getting a printed piece of paper as a present instead of the book I wanted. 

I did end up getting the book a few days later but it was all my family could talk about that day. This “online fad” that certainly wouldn’t catch on.

Fast forward a couple decades and that “fad” is now one of the largest retail companies in the world. 

Amazon has transitioned from an online bookseller to The Everything Store. Jeff Bezos’s brainchild now ships 1.6 million packages a day, accounts for 43% of all online commerce, and is considered more valuable than all major brick and mortar stores combined! 

Those are amazing accomplishments in and of themselves but to most of us, it feels like they are just getting started and have no intention of slowing down. Suffice it to say, Amazon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Over a decade ago Bill Gates accurately predicted: “There will be two types of businesses in the next 5 years, those that are on the Internet, and those that are out of business”. The same argument could be made for eCommerce businesses and Amazon in the coming years.

I’m certain at this point that I’m preaching to the choir. Almost everyone that sells online today either utilizes Amazon or has, at least, considered it. We’re not trying to challenge that, on the contrary, we embrace it. 

When we began developing AltiSuite we understood that Amazon was going to be a key player in the future of digital commerce. We developed our platform to seamlessly integrate with Amazon to create a cohesive software merger. 

Our goal is to empower your eCommerce business by offering the very best tools available. In our competitive space, we wanted to develop a software that was unique. While everyone else was developing a toolbox (that required tools to be ‘plugged in’), we wanted to offer a toolkit, full of the necessary tools for sellers to succeed. 

We chose to offer a software ‘suite’, all the fundamental tools you need—in one package.

What tools does Altisuite offer that will help you improve your Amazon business? 

We believe there are a few things that make us stand out from the competition:

AltiSuite Amazon Infographic
Why use AltiSuite for your Amazon Business

1. AltiSuite’s Lightning Fast Framework

AltiSuite websites benchmark within the top 5% of all pages on the web in terms of speed. In fact, our sites outperform Amazon! It doesn’t matter how many ASINs you manage, AltiSuite’s foundation can handle it. 

This means less time spent waiting for pages to load and more time spent serving your customers. 

How much is your time worth? 

Lost seconds add up hours and days. Studies show that by the end of the year the effect of this misused time can be extremely costly for your business.

2. Native Amazon Integration

When your business relies on integrations or plugins it is almost a guarantee that, at some point, you or your team will spend unnecessary time with plugin related issues. 

Updates that require interpreting and formatting data can become excessively laborious and consume precious time and resources. Add this to the time it takes to do required business tasks like updating products or creating marketing reports and it doesn’t take long before your business is sucking wind. 

If this sounds familiar, and your business is constantly fighting manual processes, it may be time to consider a fully integrated eCommerce solution. 

An integrated eCommerce platform will work and grow with you instead of against you. It is for this very reason that AltiSuite shied away from integrating plugins and instead opted for native integration with any third party software we support. 

From the beginning, you get a full eCommerce solution, a “toolkit” for success in your Amazon business. Not just another toolbox where you have to continuously purchase additional tools to sustain your growth. 

From your AltiSuite dashboard, you can create and manage Amazon listings, manage prices, sync inventory, fulfill orders, print labels, automate operations, and so much more without ever having to worry about the downtime or manual processes involved in maintaining the plugins or integrations common to a multi-channel eCommerce website.

3. Product Management Tools

Listing and managing products on multiple platforms is a breeze with AltiSuite, we even help with the heavy lifting. When you utilize an “out-of-the-box” solution, product management can be one of the most costly and time-consuming parts of your business. 

The multiple integrations needed to handle things like managing products, pricing and repricing, and automating listings, (not to mention inventory and shipping) can add up to headaches down the road. 

By centralizing your product and pricing information, AltiSuite provides you all the tools you need to not just sell products on Amazon, but successfully sell them time and time again.

Want to scout and match the best pricing? No problem. Want to set up quantity discounts? We’ve got you covered. Need to customize your price across different channels? Create shadow listings (multiple product profiles under one ASIN)? Bundle price? Customize product categories or attributes?—AltiSuite does it all.

4. Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment Tools

Entrepreneur magazine recently had an article about upgrading to an integrated eCommerce platform. In it, the author stated:

 “An integrated system should ideally automate the shipping and tracking processes in a way that simplifies the time elapsed from when the customer first puts in the order to the point the product is shipped and delivered … a viable eCommerce platform will automate inventory feeds from your warehouse and your drop-ship vendors; implement software to synchronize and track your inventory along with your orders”. 

We could not agree more. Saving you time and frustration is the heartbeat of our system. 

We understand that organizing and managing the products you purchase from vendors can be time-consuming, especially when you are shipping from additional channels, like Amazon. 

Centralizing the process simplifies your life, saves time, and reduces error. This is why we developed AltiSuite’s inventory and fulfillment tools to be as seamless as possible.

AltiSuite allows you to set rules and automate these processes so that you can focus less on routine tasks and more on the things that matter most to your business. When a customer orders from Amazon, the last thing you need to worry about is whether you have the inventory in your warehouse. We will automatically sync your inventory levels with incoming and outgoing products to ensure you keep your shelves full and your customers happy. 

Whether you drop-ship, fulfill orders in-house, or utilize FBA. AltiSuite will ensure that your business processes run smoothly and your vendors and customers stay happy.

5. Financial Management Tools

If a business doesn’t manage it’s money well it won’t be around long, no matter how successful it is. AltiSuite ensures your business's future by offering built-in financial tools.

Tools like: 

  • Accounts receivable and aging reports to help keep your books in order.
  • Automated, professional invoicing to make sure you get paid quickly.
  • Financial journals to record changes on the fly.
  • and, Payment processing to improve your business's cash flow.

6. Custom Development

AltiSuite was created as a tool to solve a problem and this remains at the core of everything we do. 

Our challenge as a web development agency was that out-of-the-box solutions were fine for a simple website but when you started to add complexities—like multi-channel commerce, third-party integrations, and advanced selling features—speed and efficiency are lost and ultimately cost our clients time and money. 

As such, we set out to create a complete eCommerce solution that was not only robust but lightning fast as well. 

As our clients began to utilize the platform they had additional requests and we didn’t want to force them to utilize the plugins that had plagued them in the past. Over the years, integrations, marketing tools, and productivity solutions have come as a result of challenges our clients expressed and we helped solve. 

This means two important things for your business. 

  • First and foremost, if you have a problem that our software doesn’t currently solve—we are here to help. 
  • Secondly, due to the continuing needs of our customers, AltiSuite is constantly being improved and updated to the benefit of all our clients.

AltiSuite Amazon

Bottom Line

Amazon is changing the eCommerce landscape at a rapid pace. If you want to thrive, you will have to adapt. Until now, most successful Amazon sellers relied on a variety of tools to increase their sales and operate more efficiently. It’s no secret that these tools cost money every month. 

Utilizing an all-in-one solution may have a higher price tag initially but the cost savings over the life of your business can be astronomical when compared to other leading eCommerce providers that force you to rely on plugins. 

In fact, after a quick review of some of the popular Amazon seller tools available today, it would cost your business an additional $800-$1000/mo to do what AltiSuite does already. 

If you want your Amazon business to succeed in the future you would be smart to consider a multi-channel eCommerce platform like AltiSuite that easily manages all of your products, orders, shipping, inventory and financials within a central hub.

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